About Us

BauMart is the number one supplier of Indonesia natural stone to the Australian market.

Our range of high-quality stones, timely delivery, and competitive pricing are what make us the obvious choice for landscapers, architects, pool installers, and home renovators.

Our customers know that we are the best place to get Indonesian stone in Australia and use our range of quality products to transform their homes and gardens into an Indonesian paradise.

What is Indonesian Natural Stones and How it is Used?

Indonesia’s volcanic landscape produces an array of beautiful stones that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They provide homes and gardens with a touch of exotic style reminiscent of the tranquil atmosphere you experience when visiting Indonesia. Think of the perfectly polished Sukabumi pool tiles that pave the swimming pools at luxurious Balinese resorts and the elegant dark lava stone that adorns Indonesia’s many temples.

Indonesian natural stone can be used inside and outside your home to recreate the gorgeous features of Indonesian architecture and established a relaxing vibe.

BauMart imports a range of premium Indonesian stones. Each of these stones has a unique aesthetic and can be used for different purposes such as Pool tiles to adorn natural stone pools, Stone walkways, Indoor and outdoor natural stone walls, Stairs, Indoor and outdoor natural stone floors, Patios, and Steppingstone features.

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What are the advantages of using Indonesian natural stone in Australia?

Indonesian natural stone comes in many varieties and each offers unique properties that make it the optimum choice for interior and exterior features.


Indonesian stone will give your home an elegant and sophisticated look that puts it in a class above other natural stones.

Competitive Price

Indonesian natural stone, in particular Indonesian sandstone, is more cost-effective than other sandstone varieties, meaning you can do more with your budget.


Several types of Indonesian natural stone don’t require sealing. If you buy green sukabumi stone or our high-quality sandstone, you’ll know that what you’re building will last a lifetime.

What services does BauMart provide?

We provide a complete service for our customers.

After your initial inquiry, we discuss the requirements of your project and your delivery timeframe. Based on this information, we provide you with a comprehensive quote.

If you’re a home renovator and aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to install the stones yourself, we can also let you know if we think a landscaper or installer is required.

We’ll be in touch with you throughout the process and ensure that your stone is delivered safely and on time.

What makes BauMart Australia’s number one Indonesian Stone Supplier?

BauMart is an Australian Exclusive Distributor for D&W International, and we pride ourselves on providing quality building materials to both the residential and commercial markets in Australia.

Highest quality stone

By importing only the finest stone from Indonesia, we also offer our customers the benefits of top quality materials.

Timely & efficient delivery

We’re able to provide you with both small and large quantities of the stone you require at short notice, and pride ourselves on the fast delivery of our Indonesian natural stone from the quarries to your doorstep.

Competitive pricing

We don’t offer the cheapest stone on the market, because we refuse to compromise on quality. When you buy your stone through us, you are guaranteed a reasonable price for the calibre of the material you receive.

Get in touch with BauMart to get started on your next project, or to find out more about the benefits of using Indonesian natural stone.

Important things to note about natural stone

  1. Colors and stone depicted in our catalogs and website images are indicative only. Being natural materials, variations in texture, shade, color, veining, and pattern may occur.
  2. As most of our natural stone sizing and finishing is by hand, our products can be subject to slight variations in thickness, size, finish, and style.
  3. Before installing any stone, it is imperative to consult with a relevant professional for installation and aftercare advice. Any information provided by BauMart is strictly for general guidance only.

We have stringent procedures in place to ensure the supply of only the highest quality stone.