A guide to natural stone tiles and swimming pool installation

How do you install natural stone swimming pool lining?

Installing natural stone piles in a swimming pool requires expert skill and attention to detail. Here is our guide for tradesmen laying tiles.

3 reasons to use professionally finished green sukabumi tiles

Are you using green sukabumi tiles for your pool?

Struggling to get the most out of a pool? Maybe you’re using the wrong material for your lining and deck area. Green sukabumi stone tiles could be the answer.

Going green: The natural colour of green sukabumi tiles explained

There's more to green than green.

There’s more to green than just green. Let’s take a look at the many colours of green sukabumi tiles and how they occur.

Out with the old, in with the new: How to replace your countertops

It's time to replace those countertops - here's how.

-Want to give your kitchen a facelift? Start with the countertops. Dull countertops can make a kitchen feel dated – upgrade with top-quality natural stone!

Help! I’ve spotted an imperfection in my natural stone

Luckily, most cracks in natural stone can be repaired.

Natural stone may be durable, but it can still damage – particularly in high use areas. Here’s what to do if you notice an unsightly crack or scratch.