Creative ways to use stone tiles in your home design

Stone tiles are an excellent flooring option. But where else could they be used in the home?

Want to do something truly unique in your home? Why not bring the outdoors in with high quality natural stone? Stone tiles have long been a top flooring choice, but they are also well suited to many other places in the home. Let’s take a look at five creative applications of this versatile building material.

How to get your backyard hardscape winter ready

Caring for natural stone in the winter will keep you smiling year-round.

Between pulling weeds and cutting back perennials, it’s important to give your backyard hardscape some attention before winter sets in. During cooler, moister month, natural stone is more likely to experience cracks and damages. Fortunately, proper preventative care can help you avoid the worst of it.

How to make your dream swimming pool a reality

Your pool, your rules !

You wouldn’t let someone else choose the colour of your bedroom walls, so why would you let anyone else take charge of your swimming pool design? While working with a professional designer is essential, you should get involved to ensure your dream becomes a reality. Here are some of our team’s tips.

Want to make your garden Bali-level beautiful? Here’s how

A tropical paradise, Bali is the perfect source of backyard inspiration.

Australians have long been captivated by the beauty and wonder that is Bali. The Island of the Gods, Bali has a lot to offer – including heaps of design inspiration to bring home with you. Want to make your garden reminiscent of your recent Indonesian holiday? Here’s how to achieve the iconic look.

Thinking of renovating? Be sure to follow this handy checklist

Be prepared - renovations can majorly disrupt your lifestyle at home.

While you may be in a rush to get going on your next home improvement project, it’s essential to slow down and consider all the details. Otherwise, your work could run over time as well as budget and prove to be a major inconvenience. Follow these steps, however, and you’ll be good to go.