Why basalt tiles are perfect for high-performance architecture

Why do architects love high-performance basalt?

Architects and designers regularly turn to basalt tiles because they are highly resistant and strong enough to withstand heavy use. Why is basalt so popular?

Are green sukabumi tiles unique to Bali?

Indonesia is the home to green sukabumi.

Green sukabumi is a popular natural stone, synonymous with luxury Balinese swimming pools. But where does green sukabumi come from and how you can use it?

3 reasons why high-quality sandstone tiles can help future proof your home

High-quality sandstone means your designs will stand the test of time.

High-quality sandstone tiles and pavers are long lasting and easy to maintain. To make your home project stand the test of time, consider natural stone.

How are green sukabumi tiles actually made?

How is green sukabumi stone actually made?

With green sukabumi tiles popular for creating that luxurious swimming pool look, we investigate how they get from boulder to floor tile.

How to get your backyard hardscape winter ready

Caring for natural stone in the winter will keep you smiling year-round.

Between pulling weeds and cutting back perennials, it’s important to give your backyard hardscape some attention before winter sets in. During cooler, moister month, natural stone is more likely to experience cracks and damages. Fortunately, proper preventative care can help you avoid the worst of it.