How to choose the best tiles for your swimming pool

Green sukabumi is an excellent choice for swimming pool coping.

If you’re building a swimming pool, one of the most important choices will be what to tile it out of. The coping you select will significantly impact how much enjoyment you get out of your pool, as well as the level of maintenance you need to put into it. Here’s how to ensure you make the right decision.

3 things to think about before building a stone paver patio

Here's what to consider before building your natural stone patio.

Dreaming of your next home renovation project? If it involves natural stone pavers, make sure you’ve taken your time and planned out every detail. Otherwise, you could run into problems later on. Here are three things you must consider before you get started on your paved walkway or patio.

What homeowners need to know about saltwater and natural stone

Is saltwater the right choice for your swimming pool?

Dreaming of a saltwater, natural stone swimming pool? Well, before you begin building, you should be aware of the effect salt can have on stone. While the two can live in harmony, you need to be careful about the stone you select and how you seal it.

From the Pyramids of Giza to your home: a brief history of limestone

Limestone has been used in some of history's most enduring structures.

Limestone can take millions of years to form, making it one of the oldest building materials out there. We explore this natural stone’s unique history here.

4 natural stone myths debunked

Don't let common misconceptions stand between you and a great building material.

Natural stone is a versatile, beautiful building material. Unfortunately, many designers have been fooled by silly misconceptions. We debunk a few here!