3 reasons why high-quality sandstone tiles can help future proof your home

High-quality sandstone means your designs will stand the test of time.

If you're thinking to the future and wondering how you can make today's renovations last, consider sandstone as a material that's durable and well-priced. Whether you are looking to make your home as attractive as possible for a future sale, or you want your refurbishments to last for your own sake, thinking about how they'll stack up in ten or twenty years time is important. High-quality tiles and pavers can really help.

Why use high-quality sandstone in your home?

Natural stone tiles can help you keep the heat inside the house.

Energy proofing – Sandstone tiles are naturally insulating when used in the home. During winter months particularly, this can make your home super cosy. Whether you are keen to reduce your environmental footprint or you want to keep your bills as low as possible, natural stone tiles are useful in keeping heat inside the house. Stone tiles will absorb heat and retain it for a long period of time, making it much more pleasant underfoot compared to materials like marble. The right natural stones can be better than man-made materials both in absorbing and storing heat.

Long lasting – High-quality sandstone is durable which means you don't need to pay for replacements every few years. Even if you use it in high traffic areas of the home, for example as flooring tiles, it won't wear down too quickly. It's this quality that makes sandstone so useful in the garden, often used in pavers for patios and paths. Natural stone is easily cleaned and maintained, so even if you do have a messy household or your sandstone pavers get covered in mud thanks to the kids or the dog, it's still an option that lasts.

Cleaning and maintaining natural stone is easy.Natural stone tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

Sustainability – Being green has become more of a hot topic over the past few years. The very fact that sandstone is energy efficient and long lasting already makes it pretty good on the sustainability front. You won't need to be using more natural resources to replace your tiles or pavers any time soon.

As a raw material no other resources, such as water or electricity, are required to produce natural stone in the first place. The stone industry is working hard to minimise the resources they use in extraction too. To top it off, stone is recyclable, so when you are ready to change your style, it can be repurposed elsewhere in the home or for somebody new.

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