3 things you didn’t know about green sukabumi stone

Find out all about Indonesia's rare and beautiful green sukabumi stone.

3 things you didn’t know about green sukabumi stone

3 things you didn’t know about green sukabumi stone 1000 799 BauMart Natural Stones

Green sukabumi stone is making waves around the world. Its unique properties make it a practical choice for builders, while its gorgeous aesthetic render it a perfect option for architects and designers looking to create some wow factor.

Let's find out more about this beautiful natural stone.

1. Green sukabumi stone can only be found in Indonesia

Green sukabumi stone is named after the regency of Sukabumi in West Java, where it was first found.

The fact that you cannot find green sukabumi stone anywhere else in the world makes it a rare natural stone that is highly sought after. Importers of this natural stone (like us!) can help you bring a little piece of Indonesia back to your home in Australia.

2. Green sukabumi stone is used all over the world

Green sukabumi is used at high-end Indonesian resorts to adorn outdoor areas and swimming pools. But its delightful green hues have attracted architects and designers working on hotels all over the world.

The stone has been used to recreate an Indonesian vibe in hotels as far apart as Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. Some examples include the Anantara Hotel in Oman, the Six Sense Resort Zil Pasyon at Felicite Island, Seychelles and Picadilly House in Byron Bay, Australia.

3. Green sukabumi stone contains unique properties

Did you know that green sukabumi stone doesn't just look incredible, it also has water-purifying properties?

That's right, there's a reason that it's so often used in swimming pools. Green sukabumi contains zeolites, minerals that are highly effective in reducing levels of ammonium in water. Zeolites also absorb heavy metals that can build up in pools, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphates. This makes green sukabumi a great choice if you're looking to construct outdoor pool areas that will remain cleaner for longer.

In addition, green sukabumi also has anti-slip properties that make it ideal for use in indoor bathrooms. It can be cut into honed tiles on the base or walls of showers, for example.

We hope we've helped you discover a little bit more about this fascinating natural stone. If you'd like to incorporate it into your next project, talk to the team at BauMart about your budget and needs. We'll be happy to help!