3 ways to use Indonesian sandstone in your home and garden

How can you incorporate Indonesian sandstone into your home or garden?

3 ways to use Indonesian sandstone in your home and garden

3 ways to use Indonesian sandstone in your home and garden 845 684 BauMart Natural Stones

Sandstone has been a dependable construction material for centuries. You'll see it in mighty monuments like Angkor Wat, iconic modern buildings such as the State Library of NSW and – quite likely – in your neighbour's backyard! With its durability and earthy aesthetic, sandstone gives buildings both a sound structure and a visually appealing exterior.

Indonesian sandstone is a particularly cost-effective and high quality sandstone that can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes. It's also easy to install, which makes it perfect for DIYers. Here are three ways to incorporate it into a home or garden.

1. Outdoor stone wall features

One of the most common uses for sandstone, particularly outside, is for stone wall features. Its dense exterior capable of withstanding the elements makes it the perfect choice for walls surrounding swimming pools, which often face corrosion from backsplash.

You can use sandstone in the garden to construct wall features around a courtyard, or even out the front of a property as an attractive barrier between the front garden and the street. Golden, white and yellow palamino sandstone shades go nicely with greenery and also reflect the sunshine, adding a little vibrancy to outdoor areas during the day.

2. Stone wall cladding

Sandstone works particularly well as a cladding material, as its earthy tones and natural textures give modern homes a rustic feel. Investing in high quality sandstone from Indonesia will mean that the cladding (also known as stackstone tiles) will last for decades. You won't need to seal our Indonesian natural sandstone, plus its density makes it impervious to the often harsh Australian climate.

Depending on the scale of the job, you may want to employ a contractor to install the cladding for you. Alternatively, sandstone cladding can be a DIY job.

3. Fireplaces

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Indonesian sandstone doesn't just have to be used outside; it can also be used inside the home to add a touch of warmth to interiors. A beautiful sandstone hearth is sure to transform any home into a cosy hideaway.

You can choose to stack the sandstone closely together, or put mortar in between and space them further apart. Keystones can also be incorporated as additional features for the fireplace. These are typically triangular-shaped stones that are placed at the top of a fireplace to add a little character.

These are just three ways you can use Indonesian sandstone in the home and garden, but there are many other possibilities – including sandstone slab steps and paved courtyards. If you're feeling inspired by these ideas, we'd love to help you on your next project! Get in touch with us to find out how we can bring a little Indonesian flavour to your home or garden.