4 natural stone myths debunked

Don't let common misconceptions stand between you and a great building material.

4 natural stone myths debunked

4 natural stone myths debunked 1000 667 BauMart Natural Stones

Few other products can be used in as many applications as natural stone. Further, natural stone looks beautiful when used side by side with other materials. It's quite common, for example, for consumers to combine real timber with natural stone, especially around pools. Usually lovers of natural stone love natural products, textures and colour tones

With planning and proper surface preparation, natural stone is extremely versatile, durable and relatively easy to install and maintain, when installed correctly.  In addition to durability, natural stone is unique and beautiful.

Unfortunately, however, many people avoid stone because of common misconceptions. We're here to debunk some of these myths today so builders, designers and DIYers can all embrace natural stone in their next project. 

Myth 1: Natural stone is difficult to maintain 

Maintenance is a major concern for many homeowners and for some reason, natural stone has gotten a reputation for requiring a lot of care over time. While softer stones are, in fact, more susceptible to scratching and chipping, there are easy preventative measures that can extend the life of stone and minimise maintenance. 

We recommend homeowners: 

  • Seal stone regularly – how often will depend on the type of stone. As the science constantly evolves, aftercare products have made technical leaps and bounds with their formulas and functions,  so there are some cutting edge sealers/cleaners available nowadays, which greatly reduce maintenance, labour and upkeep of natural stone.
  • Use stone-safe cleaner
  • Use coasters and trivets under glasses and hot pans
  • Clean up spills quickly when they occur

Unlike timber that must be sanded, refinished or completely replaced or laminate that warps, buckles and suffers damage or issues due to rising dampness, natural stone is quite low maintenance and less susceptible to any irreversible issues or permanent cosmetic damage.

To avoid stains on natural stone, wipe up spills quickly. To avoid stains on natural stone, wipe up spills quickly. 

Myth 2: Natural stone is boring in appearance

Debunking this myth simply requires just one look at our product catalogue. From jet black lavastone to jade green Sukabumi stone, there's no shortage of colours, finishes and textures when it comes to natural stone. 

Further, unlike ceramic tiles or other manufactured materials, every surface of natural stone will have its own unique appearance. You can even choose to a few different stones to lay tiles in amalgamation which gives a completely different look and a combination of colours.  

Myth 3: Natural stone isn't a good investment

Something is a good investment when it adds value and lasts for a long time. Natural stone does both. 

Think of what you can build with natural stone: a new accent wall, a patterned splashback in the bathroom, a gorgeous kitchen countertop. The list goes on, and each of these renovations will add major value to your home. 

Natural stone has been used in architecture for thousands of years, so you can also be sure your investment will last for years and not lose value quickly over time. 

Natural stone can add serious value to your home. Natural stone can add serious value to your home.

Myth 4: Quality natural stone is difficult to import

While Australia is a great source for some natural stone products, not everything is available here – particularly unique imports like green Sukabumi stone, only found in Indonesia. Fortunately, with BauMart, importing natural stone is easy. To find out more about using natural stone in your next project, reach out to our expert team today.