5 characteristics of lavastone that make it perfect for home renovation

Lavastone is a volcanic rock, popular in home renovation projects.

Lavastone is one of those materials that has so many uses that it's popular with architects and home owners alike. It fits into modern designs in the home and also works in garden landscaping projects where durability is key. The qualities that make this natural stone such a versatile material are down to its original rock formation. 

How is lavastone formed?

As a volcanic rock, lava stone is formed when magma reaches the surface of the earth. During eruptions, magma seeps through cracks and holes in the surface of the earth and becomes lava. As it flows across the earth's surface, lava rapidly cools and solidifies to form igneous rock. Small differences in composition allow us to categorise it into types of lavastone, such as basalt and andesite. 

Characteristics of lavastone

1) Tough and durable

It's a combination of rapid cooling, a fearsome natural firing process and a tightly packed selection of minerals that make lavastone such a tough rock. This means that it can be used in a variety of home renovation projects, both indoors and out. Lavastone won't chip or crack easily and can withstand high use, which has made it popular for stone pavers and pathways in the garden.

2) Heat resistant

Lavastone is no stranger to heat, given its beginnings in the depths of hot volcanoes. As thermally stable stone, it can manage very high temperatures whether caused by a well-used kitchen or the hot Australian sun on the patio. It distributes heat evenly and can naturally dissipate heat too. 

3) Non-porous and slip resistant

Low porosity makes lavastone the perfect material for your pool or the surrounding decking, as well as the bathroom. It has natural anti-slip properties making it a safe option for wet areas. Lavastone's beautiful black colour contributes to a modern and smart look whether inside or out. The natural stone is also water-purifying and creates a calm and soothing ambience – great for cooling off in the pool on a hot day or a relaxing bathtub soak.

4) Naturally occurring

Home renovation isn't just about design. If you're eco-conscious in your style choices, lavastone is a great option for you. As a naturally occurring rock, there's an abundant supply, making it a sustainable choice. As it's such a tough stone, it rarely needs replacing which reduces production-related waste.

5) Versatile

Lavastone can be finished in numerous different ways meaning it fits in with almost any style of decor, inside or out. For a modern and sleek look the natural stone can be honed to a smooth finish and glazed in any number of different colours. For a more rugged look, it's available in a split-face finish and in natural grey and earthy tones. Other finishes include sawn cut, etched or bush hammered.

If you think lavastone might be just what you need for your home renovation project, have a chat to one of our experts. We look forward to guiding you through the process and seeing the finished result.