5 things to consider when installing green sukabumi tiles

Here's what you should know when installing green sukabumi tiles.

Green sukabumi evokes a sense of luxury, often used for beautiful swimming pool tiles and striking landscape designs. A great option for outdoor use thanks to its durability, thermal stability and non-slip properties, it also contains zeolite – a natural compound that helps purifying water.

As well as being a sensible choice, it comes in striking shades of green from emerald to jade and a variety of different finishes, making the Indonesian natural stone popular with architects, designers and home DIYers alike.

If you’ve chosen green sukabumi for your next project, make sure you get the full effect by following our installation tips.

1) Using the right adhesive

Using the wrong adhesive can cause tiles to lift over time, a problem that is not only unsightly but could also cause a hazard. Green sukabumi tiles can also lift if the surface is incorrectly prepared or no movement joints were catered for.

When installing green sukabumi tiles, your surface should be clean, and removed of any existing coating such as paint or wax. Factoring in expansion joints protects the tiles from cracking with movement, and you may need to consider your choice of grout to accommodate.

Depending on the adhesive you use, it may require preparation such as mixing and stirring before use. Your adhesive will depend on the substrate used and it’s important to note any suggestions around how long the adhesive will last when mixed. You may need to use what you prepare within a certain time frame to avoid it going to waste and we recommend adhesives that do not contain water.

2) Waterline sealant

Green sukabumi doesn’t require sealing if it is being used in dry areas, such as for garden landscaping or in the home. However, if you’re using the natural stone for your pool, it is important that you seal the tiles at the waterline. Ensure the tiles are clean and dry prior to applying the sealant, and keep the tiles away from water or extreme conditions for approximately 12 hours following.

Unlike some other types of natural stone, green sukabumi has a naturally low absorption rate and is highly water resistant.

3) Natural stone expands

All natural stone expands when hot and contracts when cool. When laying green sukabumi, it’s important not to leave your tiles in the sun beforehand, as they can expand by several millimetres.

When you prepare your work area, make sure it is also sheltered, including your pool if necessary, so that your tiles are not accidently subjected to extra heat. Remember to lay with movement joints too, to accommodate expansion and contraction.

4) Make the most of natural colour variations

One of the advantages of using natural stone is that no two pieces are ever the same. Whether creating a green sukabumi wall or designing a water feature – you’ll be guaranteed a beautiful blend of green shades.

When your stock arrives from the manufacturers, you might like to open multiple crates and use some from each to really mix up the colours throughout your design.

5) Cover green sukabumi after use

Once you’ve installed your tiles, it’s important that you protect them from water (including rain) for several hours, and we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight for a period of 12 hours.

If you’re creating a pool, it’s advisable to fill it as soon as possible to protect the stone from the elements.

At BauMart, we provide high-quality green sukabumi, sourced from our trusted suppliers. We can cut to various sizes, including floor tiles, walls and mosaic applications. Talk to our expert team today.