How are you bringing Bali into your backyard?

How can you bring the luxury of Bali into your own home?

Ever feel like you're the only person that hasn't had a Bali holiday recently? It's close enough (and beautiful enough) for 152,000 of us to visit every year, according to Tourism Australia. But for most, a Bali getaway is just a pipe dream – life always tends to get in the way.

Well, now it's your turn to get the full Bali resort experience – to relax in luxury, to feel the warm glow of green pool tiles reflecting in the light. Except you're not going to Bali – you're doing this all from the comfort of your own home.

Indonesia's unique export

Picture your dream Bali holiday. Chances are, it includes one of those expansive pools with a brilliant green hue. Think The Bale, or the Munduk Moding Plantation Resort – the height of decadence and relaxation. That rich tone comes from green sukabumi stone, also known as pera hijau verde – a material that originates only in Indonesia.

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But with stone this impressive, it doesn't stay in Indonesia long. Resorts as far abroad as Sri Lanka, Samoa and the USA have imported green sukabumi to achieve the same glow as Indonesia's top destinations. With the advent of exporters like Baumart, Australian architects, designers and homeowners can be part of this growing trend as well.

Bringing it back home

It feels like Bali, but it also feels like home.

As it's found only in Indonesia, green sukabumi has traditionally been difficult for people to acquire locally – something that only adds to the allure of these stunning green pools in Bali and beyond. However, more and more Australian homeowners are realising the premium stone can be imported – bringing the mystique of a Bali resort into a residential backyard.

It can be used as decoration, pool flooring or general outdoor tiling. Green sukabumi can be cladding, cut into mosaic tiles and also custom cut up to 300mm x 600mm.

This means green sukabumi can be tailored to suit your space exactly. Rather than making a resort-style pool fit in your backyard, you're turning your backyard into a resort-style pool – it's all about enhancing your own space. It feels like Bali, but it also feels like home. Get in touch with Baumart to start transforming your home.