How to choose the right finish for your Indonesian limestone tiles

Choose the right finish for your next limestone tile project.

Indonesian limetone tiles are versatile enough to be used in many types of design. They can be used throughout the home, are hygienic and easy-to-clean, and also work outside, making great pool decks or stone pavers. Limestone is considered one of the most beautiful natural stones and is great for sunnier climates as it stays cool to the touch. 

If you've started looking into what kind natural stone to use in your home, you'll have noticed that Indonesian limestone tiles come in a variety of different finishes. You don't want something slippery in the bathroom, for example, but you do want beautifully finished, comfortable tiles underfoot. It can be confusing to work out which type of stone tile will work best in your project, and often it's worth doing some research.

To help you get ahead on your project, here's our explanation of the natural stone finishes we offer.

Natural split face: If you're looking for a natural texture, split-face finish might be for you. Stone tiles are broken up to expose rougher surfaces. Generally reserved for walls or accents as opposed to floor tiles, a split-face finish is a certainly a feature item. 

Honed: The tile is polished down to create a smooth surface with a matt finish. The polishing brings out the natural colour variations in limestone. This finish is suitable for bathrooms and wet areas because it is both comfortable and less prone to causing slips, as well as being relatively scratch resistant.

Etched: Create a rustic appearance when you work with etched stone tiles. The process involves making small marks in the surface of the stone using an acid washing technique. One benefit of this style is that accidental scratches and stains may be less obvious amongst the etching, making it perfect for busy areas of the home.

Brushed: In limestone, a brushed effect works well if you're aiming for an antique or rustic. The design sits happily in various interiors from country chic to modern city. Brushed-limestone tiles can be used in almost any room of the house and bring a natural soft texture and feel to the room.

Bush hammered: For this effect, the stone is put through a finishing machine which uses pneumatic hammers to add texture to the surface of the stone. The benefit of this style over natural-split face is uniformity across tiles. The roughness adds non-slip properties making them ideal for use in outdoor wet areas, like pool decking.

Whether you've already worked out what kind of Indonesian limestone tile finish you need, or want to discuss your options further, contact the experienced BauMart team today.