How to clean and maintain green sukabumi stone

Find out how to clean and care for your green sukabumi stone surfaces.

Green sukabumi stone is a natural cleaner – the zeolites it contains help minimise the levels of heavy metals and contaminants in pool water. But how do you clean and take care of the stone itself?

Here's our guide to the maintenance of your green sukabumi stone.

No need for sealing (unless on the waterline)

When you use green sukabumi stone for your landscaping, you don't need to use a sealer – unless the tiles are installed on the waterline of your pool. Many other types of natural stone require sealing to protect them for the long-term, but sukabumi's low absorption rate and strong water resistance make it impermeable to the elements. 

It's less work for you, and longer life for your landscaping.

General maintenance and cleaning of green sukabumi stone

Even though sealing green sukabumi is unnecessary below the waterline, you will still have to conduct regular cleaning. Natural detergents are ideal for this, while a simple soap and warm water solution is also effective. 

Make sure you use a smooth bristle brush to scrub your sukabumi to maintain its superior quality. 

Removing stains from green sukabumi stone

Of course, proactive cleaning and reactive removal of marks are different tasks entirely. Organic stains from substances such as coffee or tea are best removed using chemical cleaners that contain alkaline, diluted at a ratio of 1:5. However, if there are any particularly stubborn stains, you can use the cleaner at its full strength.

Inorganic stains from rust, lime-scale, cement, or dirt from building sites require cleaning chemicals that are more effective against inorganic stain. Ones that contain acid, as well as surfactants (compounds containing molecules that absorb into the surface of a stain and separate it from the stone), are ideal. 

Removing yellow discolouration from green sukabumi stone

Many people select green sukabumi stone for its gorgeous green hue, but sometimes yellow discolouration can occur, spoiling the aesthetic. Yellow staining is nothing to worry greatly about – it's simply the result of oxidisation when the stone is exposed to the air.

Using an alkaline chemical cleaner diluted with water, splash the liquid onto the stone, wait for a couple of minutes, and then use a soft brush to clean the stain away. 

Removing mud from green sukabumi stone

Mud isn't difficult to remove from green sukabumi stone. All you'll need is a soft nylon or plastic brush and a neutral stone cleaner. Ensure the mud is hard before spraying it with the detergent and brushing the mud deposit away.

Of course, your green sukabumi stone will be easier to clean and maintain if you purchase the highest quality stone to begin with. We work closely with trusted suppliers in Indonesia to import only the very best quality stone to Australia. Contact us today for a bespoke quote.