How to use Indonesia’s ‘temple stone’ in your own home

Channel the beauty of a Hindu temple in your own home by using lava stone in your next project.

How to use Indonesia’s ‘temple stone’ in your own home

How to use Indonesia’s ‘temple stone’ in your own home 845 684 BauMart Natural Stones

Lavastone is one of the world's oldest stones and it's been used by different cultures in various ways. In Pompeii, sturdy black slabs were used to build smooth floors and ornate entrances to homes. Aboriginal people used lavastone to design eel traps and other structures vital to community life. Yogis swear by lavastone's spiritual healing properties and it is often used in hot stone massage.

In Indonesia, lavastone is called batu candi, or temple stone. The porous rock has been used in Hindu temples and Buddhist statues for many years. Lavastone's durability, insulating properties, ancient beauty and spiritual nature make it ideal for the most important temple of all- your home.

Properties and uses

Formed by volcanic eruptions, lavastone cools when introduced to air or water and solidifies into a beautiful stone with a porous surface. Typically black, BauMart lava stone is also available in red and grey hues.

Balinese villas use lavastone in gardens and pool areas because it is a robust stone, resistant to scratches and stains.

Balinese villas use lavastone in gardens and pool areas because it is resistant to scratches and stains. Lavastone is also perfect for poolside walkways and patios because it has anti-slip characteristics uncommon in other natural stones.

Lavastone also has temperature insulating properties because its porous surface breathes when the weather changes. This means your feet won't burn on the walk to the pool and your stone won't freeze in the winter either.

Because it has the ability to absorb noise, lavastone is also ideal for home theatres, concert halls or studios.

Various cuts and finishes

Ancient Hindus didn't carve their statues out of lavastone simply because it was durable, they chose it because it was beautiful as well. The breathing stone's porous surface gives it a simple, elegant appearance.

Lavastone surfaces can look very different because pores can be varied or uniform in size. At BauMart, we offer lavastone with natural split face, sawn cut, etched, or bush hammered finishes. Each of these finishes distinctly affects the colour and texture of the stone. While sawn cut lavastone more closely resembles granite, those looking for a dark black stone will want to go for a bush hammered finish.

BauMart also has lavastone available for mosaic cladding, which will give your pool or backyard billabong a luxurious, elegant appeal. Pairing lavastone with other stones, particularly light coloured sandstone is also a great design technique.

BauMart is proud to offer high quality, stunning lavastone that will transform your next project. If you want to use our Indonesian stone in your own designs, browse our product catalogue today.