The DIYer’s guide to choosing the right natural stone

The best stone for your kitchen will likely be different than what you'd use to build your swimming pool.

The DIYer’s guide to choosing the right natural stone

The DIYer’s guide to choosing the right natural stone 667 1000 BauMart Natural Stones

Natural stone will look as good on your kitchen benches as it will in your back garden, but if you're a DIYer trying to get into the world of design, the incredible range of stone to choose from can be overwhelming.

Do you know which stone to use in your pool and which to use in your bathroom? Different stone has different properties that make it a suitable choice for some projects but not for others. 

At BauMart, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality natural stone that will look good and last for generations. Here's our guide for choosing the right stone for your renovations. 

You're choosing a kitchen countertop 

Basalt is found everywhere from under the sea to the inside the craters on Mars. One place you should definitely find basalt is in your kitchen. This natural stone is so well suited for interior design because it comes in a range of hues to match any colour scheme. It's an incredibly hard stone, which makes it resistant to scratches and stains.

Many interior designers prefer Indonesian basalt because it looks and performs like granite.

You're building a back garden walkway

If you're building a back patio or installing a stepping stone walkway to your pool, we can't recommend lavastone enough. Lavastone is uniquely slip resistant, so you won't need to implement a 'no running by the pool' policy this summer. The black stone might look like it will scald your feet on a summer day, but small pores actually allow it to breath when the temperature changes, meaning it won't get too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

In Bali, green sukabumi is synonymous with gorgeous swimming pools.

You're installing a swimming pool 

In Bali, green sukabumi is synonymous with gorgeous swimming pools. Aptly named, the green stone looks amazing when sunlight meets water. Available in plain or crystal finish, we recommend using green sukabumi tiles to make your pool standout with a unique design. Green sukabumi is an enduring stone that lasts for years in saltwater or freshwater pools.

You're renovating your shower 

One of the best parts of staying at a resort is enjoying a luxurious bathroom, and not just because you don't have to clean it. If you want to build a five-star shower in your own home, we recommend including natural stone mosaics in your bathroom renovations. You'll invite the outside in and feel like you're bathing in a tropical waterfall by installing a stone pebble floor. You can also create various designs on shower walls with different glass and marble tiles.

There are so many ways to use natural stone in your designs. Want a hand choosing the right stone for you? Our team can help you find the perfect product.