Want to make your garden Bali-level beautiful? Here’s how

A tropical paradise, Bali is the perfect source of backyard inspiration.

Want to make your garden Bali-level beautiful? Here’s how

Want to make your garden Bali-level beautiful? Here’s how 1000 667 BauMart Natural Stones

The Australian love story with Bali began in the 1970's when eager surfers discovered the perfect breaks and white sands of Kuta Beach. 

Since then, Australians have been the number one source of tourism in Bali. In 2016, nearly a million people from the land Down Under jetted into Denpasar to explore the Island of the Gods, according to Statistics Indonesia. That's changing, however, as visitors from China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia and the United States all take an increased interest in the Indonesian holiday spot. 

The result of all this interest? An island where people, cultures and design have blended together beautifully in a number of ways – from the restaurants dotting the streets to the clothes people wear and the architectural design and style of the homes and villas.

Over time, the island's countless hotels, villas and resorts have developed a garden and landscape design theme that's quintessentially Bali. So which aspects are you bringing into your own backyard

Get your dream backyard with these four Balinese trends

1. The gazebo 

Traditional wooden gazebos or pavilions are a staple throughout much of Bali. Sit down in one after a long day in the Indonesian sun and you'll know why. These cool, breezy spots are the perfect place to relax – preferably with a Bintang in hand!

Hire a builder or import a knock-down version to construct on your own property. 

Traditional Balinese gazebos can easily be built at home or imported from the Island of the Gods. Traditional Balinese gazebos can easily be built at home or imported from the Island of the Gods.

2. Bean bags

Have you noticed a theme yet? Balinese design is all about chilling out – whether in a wooden pavilion or a beach bean bag. 

Balinese design is all about chilling out.

Bean bags have become the furniture of choice for those looking to catch spectacular Bali sunsets or – you guessed it – enjoy a Bintang. 

We don't know who first thought of chucking these outdoor-friendly bean bags on the beach, but they're now used all over the island, from the posh beach bars of Seminyak to the laid back warungs of Nusa Lembongan. If you want low-maintenance, ultra comfortable garden furniture, choose bean bags and don't be afraid to throw Bali a nod by selecting vibrant, tropical colours. 

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3. Infinity pool

Whether overlooking the ocean or a gob-smack beautiful rice terrace, infinity pools are everywhere in Bali and they're all made of one thing: green sukabumi natural stone.

Also known as Bali green stone, green sukabumi has been the stone of choose for Balinese pool designers for many years and not just because of its gorgeous jade green hue. 

What makes green sukabumi such a standout material for your swimming pool? Green sukabumi has a very stable temperature and it's naturally slip proof. Plus, it has a very strong resistance to water absorption as well as abrasions, which means it can last for generations without scratching or chipping. 

4. Natural stone

Balinese design principles are all about creating harmony between three essential elements of life: humans, nature and the gods. 

The second is easy to achieve thanks to the plethora of high-quality materials found in Bali, including some of the world's best natural stone. A hot bed of volcanic activity, Indonesia is home to a huge variety of stone, including green sukabumi – which is only found in Bali's neighbouring island, Java. Driving around Bali, the use of natural stone is everywhere – from stunning lavastone temples to carved statues of the Hindu gods.

Using natural stone, therefore, is synonymous with bringing the style of Bali into your own home – whether you're building a swimming pool or installing patio steps in your back garden.

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