Why basalt tiles are perfect for high-performance architecture

Why do architects love high-performance basalt?

Basalt is one of the hardest natural stones available, which makes it perfect for architects. Strong physical qualities make it high-performance and suitable for heavy traffic areas both at home and in commercial spaces. It's an added extra that basalt tiles are decorative and come in a range of finishes.

What makes basalt tiles so strong?

The answer lies in how it is formed. Basalt is a type of igneous rock, which means that it is formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. More specifically, igneous rock is what forms when magma or lava cools to the point where it solidifies.

Igneous rocks are strong because the minerals within them push tightly together as they cool. Additionally, the majority of minerals that come together to form igneous rock, such as magnesium and iron in basalt, are hard in themselves. 

It's commonly used as an aggregate to reinforce materials such as concrete and asphalt.

Why do architects like it?

Basalt tiles have been used in architecture for hundreds of years, and the material was used as far back as Roman times. Today, it's not only architects that like the high-performance tiles. Interior designers and garden landscapers also appreciate basalt's strength and visual appeal. The natural stone is popular for indoor features and is hardy enough for outdoor use. 

  • Basalt tiles are used for floors or walls and can withstand plenty of use in commercial environments such as shopping malls and hotel lobbies.
  • They're suitable for use in wet environments such as bathrooms and showers, and look great as pavers around the edge of swimming pools.
  • The stone can withstand changing temperatures.
  • For the design conscious, basalt tiles are available in a range of finishes, including natural split face, honed, line chiselled, flamed or polished.
  • The stone has a low degree of colour variation, with only subtle shading differences between products.
  • The neutral tones make a great backdrop for brighter feature colours, and contribute to a natural design. 
  • It can be used in large capacities, such as in monuments and columns. 

Whether you're planning to transform your outdoor area, or want to bring a natural stone feature into the home, we are here to help. At BauMart, we cut our basalt tiles to a variety of sizes, making them suitable for a range of projects, and can deliver quickly across Australia. Contact our friendly team today to get your plans underway.