The natural stone wonders of Puma Punku

Puma Punku holds of a wealth of history in its natural stone.

Puma Punku in Bolivia is an ancient site holding countless secrets and questions within its natural stone walls. What can it tell us about andesite?

How to clean and maintain basalt tiles

How can you keep your basalt looking brilliant?

Basalt is a majestic and hardy natural stone – but just like any product it needs some TLC to look spectacular its whole lifetime. Here’s how to maintain it.

Can you use sandstone tiles in a salt water pool design?

Are sandstone tiles suitable for salt water pool design?

If you’re thinking of using sandstone around a salt water pool, you need to take the right steps to ensure your stone is adequately protected.

What’s the difference between honed and polished stone?

Why opt for a honed or polished finish?

When choosing your natural stone, it’s not only about the colour that fits your decor. The finish also impacts how it fits in with the needs of your home.

How often do sandstone tiles need to be cleaned?

How often should you clean sandstone tiles?

Your sandstone tiles can last years if properly cared for. However, how often you need to clean and maintain your stone really depends on how you use it.