How to use natural stone tiles for a modern pool design

Using natural stone for a modern swimming pool design.

Natural stone tiles are available in a range of colours and finishes, and complement any swimming pool design, from sleek and contemporary to classic or rustic.

Is it necessary to seal basalt stone tiles?

What to know about sealing basalt stone tiles.

When you’ve invested in basalt stone for your next project, you want to make sure it lasts. Learn how sealing your tiles protects them from damage and stains.

What adhesives can be used with sandstone tiles?

The type of sandstone adhesive required depends on the type of project.

Sandstone looks great in a wide variety of interior and exterior projects. With all natural stone, the right adhesive is what makes your application last.

Does oxidation impact the finish of stone tiles?

The right finish can prevent oxidation and yellowing.

Oxidation occurs when the iron content in your natural stone tiles is affected by moisture. Learn how to prevent it with the right treatments and finishes.

5 things to consider when installing green sukabumi tiles

Here's what you should know when installing green sukabumi tiles.

Green sukabumi is a popular tile for its luxurious look and hard-wearing nature. To get the most out of your green sukabumi tiles, follow our installation tips.