3 common questions about green sukabumi stone

Make sure you read up on green sukabumi stone before selecting your natural stone building materials.

3 common questions about green sukabumi stone

3 common questions about green sukabumi stone 800 1000 BauMart Natural Stones

At BauMart Natural Stone, we've travelled the world looking for high quality stones – spending much of the time in Asia – and were completely won over by green sukabumi, a natural stone found only in Indonesia.

Green sukabumi is attractive, durable and lends itself to a wide array of applications indoor and out. We understand, however, that not everyone is sold. After all, many have never even heard of green sukabumi, let alone considered building an entire swimming pool out of it.

When these customers come in, they often have a lot of questions – we answer a few here.

Bring Bali into your backyard with a green sukabumi swimming pool. Bring Bali into your backyard with a green sukabumi swimming pool.

Is 'green sukabumi' only available in green?

Aptly named, green sukabumi is in fact always a green, but the shade can vary significantly. That's why many designers choose to import a few different tones to give their next project a unique feel. At BauMart, we even offer green sukabumi in mosaic cladding, which you can use to tile intricate patterns on your back patio, accent wall or swimming pool floor.

Simply check out our variety of colours and finishes, let us know what you're after and we'll work with our Indonesian suppliers to make it happen.

Does green sukabumi oxidise and change colours?

Like any volcanic stone, green sukabumi can be prone to oxidisation and slight yellowing. Fortunately, this minor stain can be easy to remove. Simply wipe down the stone with a diluted alkaline chemical cleaner. Apply the solution to the stone, wait a few minutes and wipe away the stain with a soft brush or cloth.

Why should I choose green sukabumi over other natural stone building materials?

Designers, builders and DIY-ers have all heard of the more traditional natural stone products – limestone, sandstone, basalt/andesite – but why should I choose green sukabumi?

When people reach out to us, we always explain the merits of green sukabumi, which are extensive. This green Indonesian stone:

  • Is unique and attractive in appearance
  • Stabilises temperature
  • Contains water purifying zeolites
  • Doesn't require sealing below the waterline
  • Has a low absorption rate and strong water resistance
  • Is extremely hard and resistant to abrasions

Still need more information? Reach out to the team at BauMart Natural Stone. As Australia's leading importer of green sukabumi natural stone, we're glad to answer all of your questions and help you import the perfect stone for your next project.