3 places limestone is hiding in your home

Limestone - it's an asset to your home and many other products as well!

3 places limestone is hiding in your home

3 places limestone is hiding in your home 999 667 BauMart Natural Stones

Homeowners after a luxurious yet earthy aesthetic often choose limestone. Flooring tiles, stone walls, fountains and fireplaces –  there's really no end to where and how you can use this beautiful, versatile natural stone in your in- or outdoor designs.

Haven't decided to use limestone yet? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it's actually already hanging out in your home. That's because limestone is found in many everyday products, including these five.

1. Flour 

Calcium is an essential part of any diet. That's why limestone, which contains calcium carbonate, is often added to the feed of animals. Chickens use this to form hard eggshells, while cows use it to replace the calcium lost in milking.

Humans also need calcium, so we borrow the same approach – adding super processed limestone as a small filler in certain flour products. Similarly, we often consume traces of limestone in our vitamin supplements.

Calcium enriched flour is often supplemented with limestone. Calcium enriched flour is often supplemented with limestone.

2. Toothpaste

Ultra fine limestone acts as a mild abrasive, perfectly suited for polishing up your pearly whites.

Calcium carbonate is an essential ingredient in toothpaste because it strengthens your teeth while also removing stains, plaque and buildup. 

3. Paint

Limestone is used in paint products as well. Adding limestone helps your paint look better, last longer and stick to surfaces more strongly. By strengthening the product, limestone extends the pigments, polymers and resins in paint. 

4. Cleaning products

Many cleaning products contain limestone fillers, including surface cleaners and drain clearing solutions. 

5. Ceramics

When you sit down to enjoy your evening cup of tea, you're actually using and consuming limestone. Lime is found in: 

  • The cup and saucer, used as an additive to reinforce the ceramic,
  • The milk, if the cow ate feed with calcium supplement derived of limestone,
  • The sugar, as lime is often used to raise the pH of sugar and bring impurities to the surface for removal. 
Limestone filler is used to strengthen ceramics. Limestone filler is used to strengthen ceramics.

What are the key benefits of limestone?

Clearly, limestone is a unique natural stone with a huge variety of uses. Unlike many rocks with only a few applications, limestone is found in heaps of products – but what makes it so popular? 

Limestone has many properties that make it so versatile, including the fact that it is:

  • Strong,
  • Dense yet not too heavy,
  • Few pore spaces,
  • Cost effective,
  • Easy to work with.

Seeing as you're already using limestone everyday, why not include it in your designs as well? Reach out to BauMart Natural Stone about finding ways to use limestone in your next home improvement project. We're glad to help you source the perfect stone and also answer any questions you have about this incredibly adaptable product.