3 reasons to use professionally finished green sukabumi tiles

Are you using green sukabumi tiles for your pool?

3 reasons to use professionally finished green sukabumi tiles

3 reasons to use professionally finished green sukabumi tiles 1000 741 BauMart Natural Stones

When working with swimming pools, a number of frustrating issues can occur. In many cases, it's possible that the complications are developing as a result of the wrong cladding material. For the best swimming pool floors, walls and surrounds, you should be using green sukabumi natural stone.

Let's find out why!

Reason 1: People keep slipping around your pool

Ceramic and porcelain tiles may be tempting due to their relatively low price, but they're often a greater health and safety risk than they're worth. The glazing on these tiles means water will sit on top and create a slippery surface which can put unsuspecting guests at risk.

To avoid any unfortunate accidents, it's best to choose a natural stone tile that is inherently slip-resistant and still has waterproof qualities to avoid damage. Green sukabumi is exactly that. Honed, professionally finished green sukabumi tiles are smooth for underfoot comfort but still have sufficient friction with your feet – even when wet.

Reason 2: You're sick of high-maintenance pool water

Owning a pool can be a big task. All those days in the sun, splashing about make having a pool extremely worthwhile, but they do require the regular upkeep of your pool's water.

Filters are very helpful in this regard, and shouldn't be skipped. But if you're looking to improve water quality even further, you should use green sukabumi tiles for the lining of your pool. One of the most unique qualities of green sukabumi is the presence of zeolite in its chemical structure. Zeolite is a chemically active substance, often used in place of sand in some filters.

When you use green sukabumi, the zeolite will help to remove heavy metals, contaminants and bad odours from the water. This won't mean you never have to clean the water, but it will minimise requirements and make your life that much simpler.

Reason 3: You just can't get that tropical pool look right

The beauty of tropical pools in Bali – one of the most beloved holiday spots for Australians – is widely coveted. Home owners and designers rightfully desire to mimic the appearance of these luxury Indonesian escapes.

The truth is you can only truly get the perfect Bali swimming pool by using Indonesian green sukabumi stone. This rare material is only found in quarries in Indonesia, and is unparalleled in colour and style.

Ready to make your swimming pool the best it can be? For top quality green sukabumi stone, get in touch with BauMart Natural Stone today.