Creative ways to use stone tiles in your home design

Stone tiles are an excellent flooring option. But where else could they be used in the home?

Creative ways to use stone tiles in your home design

Creative ways to use stone tiles in your home design 1000 667 BauMart Natural Stones

Hard-wearing, easy to clean – not to mention attractive – stone flooring has many unique advantages. Advantages that have made savvy homeowners and designers choose natural stone tiles over other flooring options, like timber and vinyl, for years. 

But who's to say that stone tiles can't be used elsewhere in the home? At BauMart Natural Stone, we want to see you get creative and enjoy the many applications of this versatile material. Ready to get started? Here are five of our favourite ways to splash tiles throughout your home. 

1. Shower floor and walls

Recently, we've helped several bathroom designers use natural stone mosaic on the shower floor. We love this idea! Natural stone mosaic gives showers an upmarket, yet earthy feel – plus everyone likes the massage on their feet!

While this pebbled look is great on the floor, it isn't as attractive over large areas. That's where bigger stone tiles come in. Sandstone and limestone are much better suited for covering your entire shower and the look is particularly strong in walk-in showers with two heads. To maintain the integrity of these stones in such wet areas, be sure to seal them and keep up with routine maintenance. 

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2. Wainscoting

Typically made of wood, wainscoting is a decorative covering extending part way up a wall. Wainscoting is equally attractive in natural stone, however, so try something new and tile the bottom half of your walls instead. This is an especially good renovation project for the bathroom, as the tiles can extend past the sink and double as a splashback. 

3. Around the bathtub

While natural stone tiles are a top pick for outdoor spas, many homeowners prefer to use manufactured materials for their bathtub. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

One trend we're loving recently is the use of a traditional tub surrounded by natural stone tiles. This gives you the luxury look of natural stone, with the smooth feel and easy maintenance of porcelain or fibreglass. 

4.  Kitchen benches

Natural stone countertops are nothing new. Materials like basalt have always stood out in the kitchen for their resistance to scratches and high temperatures. 

There's no rule, however, that you must use one big slab. Natural stone tiles can also be used for smaller benches. Tiling the benches around your kitchen is a great way to add a unique touch to a room as natural stone can complement nearly any material or colour scheme. 

5. Living room accent wall

Have you noticed a theme so far? All of the applications we've suggested have been for the kitchen and bathroom and – more often than not – that's where people use natural stone.

Therefore, if you want to really try something new, bring natural stone into your bedroom or living room. Believe it or not, hard materials like stone and brick actually warm up a room. That's why installing a bold stone accent wall is a great way to make a room that much more cosy – particularly if a fireplace is in the picture as well.

Want to learn more about using natural stone in your home? Contact the team at BauMart today. Our experts are happy to talk you through any of our products and even offer tips for your next big project.