How Indonesian sandstone can help your home design budget go further

Sandstone can help your home budget stretch further.

How Indonesian sandstone can help your home design budget go further

How Indonesian sandstone can help your home design budget go further 1000 667 BauMart Natural Stones

Sandstone is strong, durable, lightweight, and best of all, very cost effective compared to other stone products. This means your renovation and design budget can stretch to cover more of your home decor plans.

What makes sandstone so useful? 

For one thing, you'll find it can be used in almost any of your renovation plans. Inside, the natural stone tiles are ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen, as they are naturally non-porous. Out in the garden, the cost effectiveness of sandstone sees it form patio stone tiles, garden paths or walls, as well as accessories such as water features.

It's also popular because of its strength and durability. As a sedimentary rock, sandstone is formed over centuries. Deposited particles from other natural stones and older rocks, settle in places such as river beds. Over time, the particles compress together to form a new material like sandstone, or limestone. The sandstone we provide is formed in Indonesia, and contains a high quartz content, a strong material in its own right. The quartz content makes the stone less susceptible to weathering, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Rain water has little effect compared to a rock such as limestone. 

Thousands of years later, sandstone statues are still standing.Sandstone statues are still standing after thousands of years.

Why use sandstone for your DIY project? 

Low cost – Indonesian sandstone tiles are competitively priced compared to other types of stone commonly used in home design, meaning you can afford to do more when it comes to your next DIY project.  

Long lasting – Sandstone is known for its impressive lifespan. Around the world, sandstone sculptures that are hundreds of years old still exist and are testament to its ability to withstand time. While it may not be quite so long before you want to renovate again, you can be sure that sandstone will last until you do.

Minimal maintenance – Assuming you buy quality materials, such as the Indonesian sandstone available from Baumart, you won't have to do much in the way of maintenance. Simple sealant should be applied to fortify the stone even further against deterioration and staining, but its density means it may naturally withstand heavy rain, corrosives and other severe weather conditions. 

Easy to use – There isn't much you need to do when you want to get your sandstone project underway. It's ready to go and easy for DIYers to install. Our natural tiles can be cut to any size, so your project can start quickly.

Coloured to suit – Sandstone comes in a range of colours such as golden, white, or red, so you can select the most complimentary natural tiles for your interior or exterior decor. 

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