Thinking of renovating? Be sure to follow this handy checklist

Be prepared - renovations can majorly disrupt your lifestyle at home.

There are few things more exciting than making a major change to your home. This experience can be destroyed, however, if you aren't adequately prepared.

Don't go about home renovations lightly – take the time to consider every little detail! Otherwise, your home improvement dream could quickly turn into a nightmare. 

Here's how savvy homeowners go about their renovations: 

1. Prioritise your projects

At this phase, it's essential to distinguish between want and need.

Many homeowners have a long list of adjustments they'd like to make to their property. Refinish the kitchen floor, build a stone patio, add an extension upstairs – the ideas are endless.

Before taking anything on, however, sit down and think about what's most important. Ask yourself, 'How urgent is this project? Will it immediately improve my quality of life, or can it wait?'. At this phase, it's essential to distinguish between want and need. 

2. Map out your budget

Before you can go any further, determine how much you're willing to spend.

This is a decision you'll likely need to make with other family members, so find the time to discuss your finances and come up with an estimate of what you can spend comfortably. Keep in mind that this number shouldn't be set in stone. Unexpected costs can always arise and you want to ensure you're prepared. 

Have a conversation with your partner about what you can reasonably afford to spend. Have a conversationabout what you can reasonably afford to spend. 

3. Find the right time

At this point, you know what you'll do, you know how you'll fund it – now it's time to think about when you'll get to work.

This might seem marginal, but major works could disrupt your way of life. That's why pinning down the perfect time is key. If you have a young family, for example, you may want to avoid school holidays when kids will be running around the house.

4. Meet with various contractors and suppliers

While the first contractor may be the one you end up working with, it's still good practice to interview several before committing. Similarly, meet with a variety of suppliers

This is important for a few reasons. The most obvious is to compare prices, but it's also important to discuss your project with different people. They'll all have their own opinions and insights to offer. You also want to ensure you hire someone who you trust as you'll be asking them to make changes to what's likely your largest asset. 

5. Prepare the rest of the home

It's nearly go time! Make any final arrangements, including moving your belongings out of the work area, covering furniture with tarps if necessary or even making temporary living arrangements outside of the home. 

You may need to move your belongings out of the affected work space. You may need to move your belongings out of the affected work space.

6. Renovate!

Now – and only now – should you begin working. With all due diligence done, you can rest assured that you're truly ready to renovate. 

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