Why you should source your natural stone from Indonesia

At BauMart, we choose to import Indonesian stone because of its many merits.

Why you should source your natural stone from Indonesia

Why you should source your natural stone from Indonesia 500 375 BauMart Natural Stones

Natural stone is exactly that – naturally occurring, naturally extracted and naturally beautiful. Because it forms on its own with the help of Mother Nature alone, natural stone can be found just about anywhere on Earth.

Why then, should you choose to import your natural stone from one place over another? Simply put, not all natural stone is created equal, and if you want a top quality, attractive, easy to use building material, look no further than Indonesia. Here are three reasons you should choose Indonesian natural stone for your next project. 

Indonesia boasts many wonders - including stunning natural stone. Indonesia boasts many wonders – including stunning natural stone.

Indonesia is a volcanic hotspot

In Indonesia, there are over 100 active volcanoes still shaking the Earth every day and many islands are made of the remnants of volcanoes past.

When a volcano erupts, molten lava rises to the Earth's surface. As it cools, gorgeous, diverse natural stone is formed. The rate at which lava cools affects how the natural stone will look.

The island nation boasts a plethora of diverse, unique natural stones.

Because Indonesia has such intense volcanology, it follows that the island nation also boasts a plethora of diverse, unique natural stones that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Do you fancy jet black lavastone or prefer sun kissed, golden limestone? In most cases, Indonesia can provide many of the natural stones you're after and importing large quantities is no issue. 

If you want green Sukabumi, you have to go to Indonesia

Looking to build a swimming pool that's reminiscent of a Balinese holiday? You'll want to use green Sukabumi – a natural stone that's so well suited to swimming pools it can even purify the water for you.

Unlike other natural stones that exists all over, green Sukabumi can only be found in the Sukabumi regency of West Java. That's why so many of Bali's most lavish pools are constructed from the stunning jade green stone.

Because green Sukabumi is so rare, many designers worry about being able to source enough to finish major projects. At BauMart Natural Stone, we take pride in our ability to import large and small quantities of green Sukabumi in as little as 48 hours.

Indonesians have been using natural stone for thousands of years

If you travel to Indonesia, you'll see natural stone everywhere – temples, statues, walkways and buildings are all made of various natural stones.

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Indonesians have been building with natural stone for thousands of years, meaning they know where to find the very best. You can be sure that stone sourced from Indonesia will be of the best quality and come from reliable, trusted quarries.

If you're ready to import Indonesian stone for your next building project, choose BauMart Natural Stone. At BauMart, we work exclusively with Indonesian stone because we know it's a superior product. To find out more, reach out today.